45,000 Acre Land Created Cultivatable in 5 Years


RAWALPINDI – because of the water reservoirs and wearing dominant structures over 45,000 acres land was created cultivatable in Potohar and alternative arid areas of Rawalpindi region aforesaid Director General Agriculture (Field) geographical area leader Ghulam Akbar.

Talking to APP, he said, the board of directors of Soil and conservation (DSWC), Punjab, Rawalpindi Region, below water resources development program made total 410 Gully Plugging Spillways throughout 5 monetary years from 2014-15. As several as 162 mini Dams with 605 Water shops, 347 retentive Walls, 322 Water Ponds, 79 Water Storage tanks, 70 Dug wells, 167 Gabion Spurs and twenty eight Earthen Bunds were conjointly made whereas conversion was completed at 1894 acres land.

Malik Ghulam Akbar aforesaid the development of the mini dams and water ponds had conjointly developed positive environmental effects. The underground groundwater level was rising up with additional employment opportunities for the individuals. Fish and oxen farming businesses were currently flourishing within the region, he said.

The mini dams and water bonds square measure wont to divert water for irrigation and alternative functions he aforesaid adding, the water accumulated in mini dams are often utilized for vegetable and fruit cultivation.

Fish farming was conjointly introduced within the region that has become an extra supply of financial gain for the farmers.

All interventions of soil and conservation were benefiting the farmers of the region, he aforesaid and knowing that the department conjointly managed to plant saplings on 1894 acres. The department below the conservation programme completed a large range of projects and reclaimed/benefited 45,125 acres besides collection 282450 Acft water from rains, he added. Nearly 80% grant was given to the farmers for the development of of these schemes, he added.

Ghulam Akbar aforesaid that the key issues of Potohar region were wearing and water runoff as most of the rain water was being wasted that wasn’t solely an enormous loss however conjointly causes at massive scale.

Agriculture Department geographical area had taken revolutionary steps for promoting Agriculture in Potohar region that contains a completely different atmosphere and soil from alternative areas of the province, he said.

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