Join our Talented Network for ETRADEPAKISTAN. Be the first to find out about new opportunities that fit your skills, expertise and experience. From our financial consultants to software engineers, it takes a diverse team of dedicated and talented people to achieve our mission. Positions at ETRADEPAKISTAN are organized into given career areas—take a look and see where your skills and interests fit in.

  • Customer service

Providing exceptional and best customer service is at the heart of everything we do.

As an ETRADEPAKISTAN portal Services Representative, you’ll be skilled in presenting complex information in a way that enables customers to make informed decisions about trading, and investing. You will play an important, highly visible role in representing ETRADEPAKISTAN as a leading e-trade portal which is able to fulfill all the trading and long-term investing needs of the customer.

Your career in customer service begins with an in-depth training program. There are many different career paths at ETRADEPAKISTAN, and our customer service employees have transitioned to successful careers in customer service management, sourcing, product management, quality checking services during shipments, active trader support, marketing, and sales, to name just a few.


  • e-trading consultants

ETRADEPAKISTAN e-trading Consultants focus on building strong long-term relationships with our most valued customers and suppliers as well. They offer our customers and suppliers a personal connection to ETRADEPAKISTAN, and help them plan for their most important financial investments in different paths. Whether that involves working with customers to develop a diversified long-term relationship, our consultants are committed to providing the highest level of service and satisfaction.

  • Marketing

ETRADEPAKISTAN is one of the most widely recognized names in e-trade services, and Marketing is the driver of all communications on behalf of the Company. Everything from a brand positioning and advertising to creative execution and optimization is handled by the marketing team.

Marketing comprises several groups with specific areas of expertise. These groups provide a strategic guidance, campaign execution, testing and results analysis, marketing and best development plans, , graphic designing, and editorial support to name just a few.

Each department, from Web Developing to Systems Administration, benefits from a deeply embedded culture of innovation and creativity. Our leadership sets the tone to foster individual creativity and an environment where you will be continually challenged to develop your skills.

As a Technology professional at ETRADEPAKISTAN, you will be presented with many opportunities to work with the latest tools and resources.