Himalayan Saltlick Blocks being 100% Pure are Perfect for Animals


Salt lick is also known as mineral lick and is used by animals to fulfill their need for minerals and nutrients. Salt licks are of two types:

  • A natural deposit of high mineral deposit is called salt licks (where wild animals go to lick naturally exposed deposits of salt).
  • They may also be artificial blocks of minerals that taste like salts (that farmer place in ordered to be licked by livestock).

Animals require minerals and nutrients during the spring time of their growth. And so they can easily smell salt lick from a far distance. The need of different animals for different nutrients in salt vary. So, natural salt lick is a very good source from which every animal get the right nutrient needed by them

When animals don’t get salt lick that start licking other things like dust, rocks and wood etc. in order to satisfy their craving for salt lick. Milk giving animals especially need salt licks for milk preparation. Lack of salt lick results in the deficiency of milk production. So, farmers make it sure to provide livestock with salt lick.

Salt licks releases stress in animals and increases their weight. Artificial salt licks not only fulfill the nutritional requirement of animals but also help to maintain wildlife and assists in doing animal photography.

Himalayan salt licks are 100% pure and contain around 80 trace minerals that are required by animals for proper growth and development. ETRADEPAKISTAN is the best e-trade portal for the exporters of Himalayan salt licks which allow them to sell their product around the world in competitive prices.

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