Health Benefits of Mustard Seed

mustard seed

Mustard seeds is also known as ‘rai’ and ‘sarso’ comes from Mustard plant. Its oil called Mustard oil is very famous for application to hair and is known by the name of ‘sarson ka oil’.

Mustard plants have more than 40 different varieties. Among them three types are used for culinary purposes that are

Black  Mustard

Brown mustard

White Mustard

Seeds of Mustard plant are used in making mustard oil and mustard powder. Mustard seed ranks second in number among the most commonly used spices.

Nepal and Canada are among the popular countries that produce mustard in bulk.

Mustard seed is mentioned in many places in Bible as a symbol of faith and good luck.

As mustard seed is a very popular spice , its sauce is used all over the world where it is most commonly used in preparing fast food. Mustard seeds are equally used in Asian and European cuisines.

  • Mustard seeds contain anti carcinogenic compounds that retard the growth of cancerous cells, and hence Mustard is very effective spice for combating cancer. This is definitely a major benefit of mustard in the field of medicine.
  • The prescence of minerals like managanase and iron help regular the optimum level of minerals in blood.
  • It controls blood pressure.
  • Prescence of manganese made it value able for bones , result in preventing the weakness inn bones.
  • Presence of iron in the mustard seeds make it very helpful for respiration by regulating the amount of haemoglobin in red blood cells, as iron is the major element of the protein haemoglobin.
  • Mustard is very helpful for preventing aging of skin and hence is a very effective anti-aging product.
  • It is excellent organic conditioner for hair as it requires elements responsible for the growth of hair.
  • They are low in calories and have high nutritional value therefore very helpful for people looking forward to loose their weight.
  • They are anti bacterial and annti septic in nature and thus kills harmful micro organism.
  • They contain anti-inflammatory nutrient called selenium and thus prevent arthritis.
  • Selenium present in it is also very good for combating skin problems.
  • It is very helpful to reduce fever and fighting some common colds.
  • It relieves muscular and skeleton pain, though cause mild irritation in skin.
  • They are very helpful in relieving migraine.
  • If anyone wants to avoid night shadows , he must make mustard a part of his diet.
  • If jars start giving smell, the smell can be eliminated by washing it with mustard boiled in water.

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