Pakistan Enjoys an Eminent Position in Manufacturing Fine Quality Surgical Instruments


In order to protect the art of surgical instruments in Pakistan. In 1950 SIMAP was established The Surgical Instruments Manufacturers Association of Pakistan, its aim was to help solving the problems of surgical instruments manufacturing community. These steps were taken for making the surgical instruments more demanded in the international market.

About 99% of surgical instrument industries are located in Sialkot. It is considered that there are 2400 factories in Sialkot which produces 150 million surgical instrument pieces each year which give around 23 billion rupees. The average price of an individual piece manufactured in Sialkot is $1.5-2.5. Almost 95% of the total production of surgical instruments is exported out. It contributes 0.42% in the GDP of Pakistan and provide employment to more than 150,000 people and constitutes more than 1.20% of total exports of the country.

We can say that this is one of the very few sectors where Pakistan has developed special capabilities and compete the global market. The export value of surgical instruments is around US$358.00 Million for the financial year 2015-2016.

Surgical instruments from Pakistan are made with finest raw materials and shaped with highest precision and standard quality.  Super micro fine instruments from Pakistan determine the rank Pakistan has achieved in the field of surgical instruments. About 95% of the total manufactured surgical instruments are exported out in the world in bulk amount. For the buyers of premium quality surgical instrument products from Pakistan, ETRADEPAKISTAN sources for the best manufacturers and exporters of surgical instruments made in Sialkot. This portal provides its services in the form of online trading portal around the world for the buyers of surgical instruments from Sialkot.

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