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Chili Sauce

$0.30$1.00 /Bottle
Chili sauce is made up with the fresh chilies infused with spices and other sauces. It increases the spicy taste of your meal. Widely used as side with snacks and meals. Chili sauce has a spicy taste to give your meal a tender touch and enhance the flavor. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the best company to supply best chili sauce of high quality and taste. FOB: $0.30 to $1.00 / Bottle Type: Chili Sauce Origin: Pakistan Processing: Processed Packaging: Bottle Color: Red

Mango pickle

$1.00$1.50 / Kg
Mango pickle is spicy and tangy in taste. Freshly picked mangoes mixed in flavorsome oils and blend of spices. Mango pickle is rich in nutrition like sodium, fibers, mineral and other vitamins. Unfermented pickle is available with vinegar infused mango pickle. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd provides the best of taste in pickle industry with high quality mango pickle. FOB: $1 to $1.5/ KG Type: Mango Pickle Origin: Pakistan Processing: Processed Packaging: Plastic Bag Color: Green, yellow

Frozen Fish

$1.00$1.50 /Bags
Premium quality frozen fish is easy to store and pocket friendly. This frozen meat is used as snack or main course to grace your meal. Fish is rich in omega-3 and other nutrients which is beneficial for a healthy living. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd provides you with quality frozen fish meat in various cuts. FOB: $1.00 to $1.50 / Bags Type: Frozen Freezing Process: IQF Packaging: Plastic Bags Features: Omega-3, Minerals, Vitamins Origin: Pakistan

Mixed Pickle

$1.50$3.50 /Kg
Mixed pickle has variety of vegetable and fruits i-e mango processed in flavorsome oil for the tangy taste. Various spices are used to make the delicious taste of pickle spicy and tender. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd deals in high quality of mixed pickle to delight the taste buds. FOB: $1.50 to $3.50 / KG Type: Mixed Pickle Origin: Pakistan Processing: Processed Packaging: Plastic Bag Color: Different

Lime Pickle

$1.50$2.00 /Kg
Lime pickle has many health advantages like it boosts the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Lime pickle is tangy and quite sour in taste which is a treat for taste buds. Saremco Impex (Pvt ) Ltd has a wide range of fresh lime pickle to add to your meal. FOB: $1.50 to $2.00 / KG Type: Lime Pickle Origin: Pakistan Processing: Processed Packaging: Plastic Bag Color: Yellow

Frozen Snacks

$2.00$2.50 /Box
Frozen snacks are eaten world widely on a large scale. Frozen snacks are best for mid-night munching or brunches. They give us various tasty edibles to deal with hunger. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the top most frozen food brand to provide best of foods and frozen snacks. FOB: $2.00 to $2.50 Type: Frozen Freezing Process: IQF Packaging: Box Origin: Pakistan

Fresh Beef

$2.85$4.10 / Kg
Fresh beef meat is rich in proteins, B6, and other vitamins or minerals. Beef meat is tender and easy to cut into different shapes as per the demand of your dish i-e chops, topside, tenderloin, hind quarter, striploin, rump and silverside are available. Boneless meat for mince or other cooking purposes is also available. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd brings fresh, tender, and juicy beef meat of premium quality to satisfy the needs of taste buds. FOB: $2.85 to $4.10 / KG Type: Beef Meat Origin: Pakistan Shape: Various Cuts Packaging: Box

Pakistani Dates

$3.55$3.95 /Box
Date is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It naturally caters the need of sugar in the body. It promotes brain health and boosts up the brain functioning. Dates are sweet in taste and used as garnishing of various sweet courses. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the top food brand to cater the trading of dates worldwide. FOB: $3.55 to $3.95 Type: Dates Origin: Pakistan Color: Dark Brown, Black, Brown Processing: Raw Packaging: Bag


$4.00$8.00 / kg
Walnuts are rich in antioxidants and super source of omega-3. They have anti-inflammatory properties with nutrition extract. Walnuts are crispy in taste and fresh walnuts have numerous health benefits. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is one of the best quality dried fruit suppliers which has premium quality walnuts. FOB: $4 to $8 Type: Walnut Origin: Pakistan Color: Brown, Off-white Shape: Brain Shaped Packaging: Plastic Bag

Fresh Sheep Meat

$5.00$9.00 / Kg
Sheep meat is famous for its scrumptious taste, juicy texture, and smoothness. The meat is good for health and recommended by the health specialists. Lamb or sheep meat has all the goodness to make your meal healthy and tasty. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the best food company aims to provide you with the fresh and juicy sheep meat. FOB: $5 to $9 / Kg Type: Sheep Meat Origin: Pakistan Packaging: Box Shape: Mixed Color: Red

Tomato Sauce

$7.00$15.00 / Kg
Tomato sauce is used on a very large scale worldwide. It is used with snacks or with any other dish to make your meal more exciting and add flavor to it. Tomato sauce is used with the snacks or main courses for flavorsome treat. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the top brand in ketchup industry to provide premium quality sauces and ketchup. FOB: $7.00 to $15.00 / 5KG Type: Tomato Sauce Origin: Pakistan Packaging: Plastic Bag Color: Red

Pakistan Almond

$7.00$10.00 / Kg
Almonds are grown under the soil surface. They are quite sweet in taste and has the crunchy texture. Almonds are good for the health and prevention of many life-threatening diseases. They are packed with nutrition and mineral extracts. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the best supplier for the premium quality dried fruits all over the world. FOB: $7 to $10 / KG Type: Almonds Origin: Pakistan Color Brown Shape: Oval Packaging: Plastic Bag