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Poultry Eggs

$10.00$15.00 /Tray
Eggs are rich in proteins and other minerals, every tray consist of 30 eggs. Eggs are usually used for breakfast or baking purposes. High quality eggs packed with nutrition is the best energy pack for a day. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the best in poultry industry providing high quality eggs in amazing packings. FOB: $10 to $15 / Tray Type: Poultry Eggs Origin: Pakistan Color: White Shape: Oval Packing: Paper Trays

Fresh Chicken Meat

$1,000.00$1,600.00 / Ton
Chicken is the meat which is eaten on a large scale world widely. Chicken is considered to be in the list of white meat. It is rich in proteins, vitamins and other minerals. Boneless, skinless chicken is available for cooking and you can store it easily. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the top food brand with premium quality chicken in different meat cuts with taste. FOB: $1000 to 1600 / Ton Type: Chicken Origin: Pakistan Packaging: Box Shape: Mixed Color: Red