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Pakistani Dates

$3.55$3.95 /Box
Date is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It naturally caters the need of sugar in the body. It promotes brain health and boosts up the brain functioning. Dates are sweet in taste and used as garnishing of various sweet courses. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the top food brand to cater the trading of dates worldwide. FOB: $3.55 to $3.95 Type: Dates Origin: Pakistan Color: Dark Brown, Black, Brown Processing: Raw Packaging: Bag


$4.00$8.00 / kg
Walnuts are rich in antioxidants and super source of omega-3. They have anti-inflammatory properties with nutrition extract. Walnuts are crispy in taste and fresh walnuts have numerous health benefits. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is one of the best quality dried fruit suppliers which has premium quality walnuts. FOB: $4 to $8 Type: Walnut Origin: Pakistan Color: Brown, Off-white Shape: Brain Shaped Packaging: Plastic Bag

Pakistan Almond

$7.00$10.00 / Kg
Almonds are grown under the soil surface. They are quite sweet in taste and has the crunchy texture. Almonds are good for the health and prevention of many life-threatening diseases. They are packed with nutrition and mineral extracts. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the best supplier for the premium quality dried fruits all over the world. FOB: $7 to $10 / KG Type: Almonds Origin: Pakistan Color Brown Shape: Oval Packaging: Plastic Bag

Dried Figs Friut

$9.00$22.00 /Box
Fig is one of the most eaten dried fruit worldwide. It has countless health benefits including fast metabolism, constipation relief, and helps immune system. Figs are rich in vitamin A, B, soluble fibers, and potassium. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the best dried fruit company for high quality figs export. FOB: $9.00 to $22.00 Type: Figs Origin: Pakistan Shape: Ripped Berry Packaging: Plastic Bag Processing: Raw, Dried

Pine Nut

$12.00$25.00 /Kg
Pine nuts are delicious in taste and eaten as a snack worldwide. Pine nuts are small in size but have quite sweet taste. Crunchy pine nuts are edibles for all day munching. Pine nuts boost up the brain functioning and improves the IQ level. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the top food brand to provide high quality pine nuts with crunchy taste. FOB: $12 to $25 / KG Type: Pine Nuts Origin: Pakistan Processing: Raw Color: White, Off-white Packaging: Box


$1,995.00$2,995.00 / Ton
Raisins are sweet in taste and good for the digestive system. They naturally fill the need of sugar in the body. Raisins are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Also raisins boosts the immune system and keep the bones strong. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the best in trading companies of dried fruits, they have the premium quality of Raisins with sweet taste. FOB: $1995 to $2995 Type: Raisins Origin: Pakistan Color: Green Shape: Ripped Berry Packaging: Box


$3,899.00$10,899.00 / Ton
Pistachio is a famous dry fruit, the seed of pistachio is used as confectioner or for garnish purposes. They tastes salted and has a lot of health benefits along with good taste. Pistachio is also used as snack because of their crunchy salty taste. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd knows best trading in dry fruits and aims to provide dried fruits of high quality. FOB: $3899 to $10899 Type: Pistachio Origin: Pakistan Color: Yellow, Green Shape: Oval Packaging: Box

Cashew / Kaju

$4,500.00$7,500.00 /Ton
Grounded cashew nuts are rich in minerals and healthy unsaturated fatty acids. Cashew nuts remain special nutrition with crunchy and smooth texture. They are good in taste and quite salty to eat. Saremco Impex (Pvt) Ltd is the best company for the trading of fresh dried fruits. FOB:$4500 to $7500 Type: Cashew Nuts Origin: Pakistan Color: White, Off-white Shape: Curved, Mixed Packaging: Box