The Role of Sports Goods in the Economy of Pakistan


The importance of sport has not been restricted for the sake of sports now. Its importance and benefits has exceeded to communities and economic development.

Today sport has emerged as one of the important component for the social and economic development of any country. In the developing countries, the investment in sport is far less as compared to developed countries. The reason is that they don’t have a big amount in their budget, so they allocate very less for sports, because sports are not given much priority in the annual budget of these countries.

This is the main cause due to which sport is not much developed in developing countries. But. In developed countries, sport sector is well developed and also contribute in generating revenue.

Local sport develop local markets as local people and other people from far away buy products from such markets to enjoy these sports and games. Local sport help in the development of local markets and international sports help in the development of international markets.

Sports increases the employ ability of any country by providing new ways to earn by making sport goods increases opportunities for manufacturers, selling sport goods increases employ ability for merchants , learning sports increases vacancy for sports tutor. The soft skills that one learns from playing sports can help him to get good job.

  • It also boost international trade by importing and exporting sport goods.
  • It supports business growth.
  • It leads to job creation.
  • Besides these material benefits, it helps in the character building.
  • It improves health and create a competitive environment.
  • It encourages team work.
  • It promotes tolerance.

Beyond this, another aspect of sport industry through which it contributes to the development of the economy of any country is the production and sale of sports uniform. It ensures a large number of employment and revenue generation.

Secretory general of United Nations Ban ki moon has emphasized the importance of sports to promote it as a tool for development.

In Pakistan, it is very important to invest in sport sector because it is a very blooming business now a days.

Pakistan has a good industry of sports goods manufacturing and is one of the leading countries in the production of sport products.

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