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    deterrent against the complaint, dissension, or dispute at a specified time
    when you receive the notice sent by email or any other means from
    ETRADEPAKISTAN, otherwise would handle the complaint,
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    where the resolution would be unfavorable to you. may impose
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    be liable for the judgment or results. It is ‘s right to
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  • You agree to immediately notify of
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  • If the Member is in breach of any items of this
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    according to the legally effective judgments or orders of the people’s court
    verify or ETRADEPAKISTAN.COM ‘ suspicion at its sole discretion, ETRADEPAKISTAN.COM
    reserves the right to publish the records of such breach on the website, and
    make other appropriate treatments, including but not limited to termination of
    Service, prohibition of the use of ETRADEPAKISTAN permanently.

  • ETRADEPAKISTAN withholds the right to temporarily or
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(a) Utilize ETRADEPAKISTAN for fraudulent or illegal
activities, or violate any applicable law, regulation or guideline, or are
engaged in activities that may damage the rights of or

(b) Utilize ETRADEPAKISTAN to send or provided false
information in connection with your member account or spam messages or
repeatedly publish the same product information.

(c) Post any material to members that are not related
to international trade or business cooperation.

(d) Impersonate or unlawfully use another person’s or
companies’ name to post information or conduct business of any form.

(e) Undertake any scheme to undermine the integrity
of the computer or networks used by ETRADEPAKISTAN and/or any other users and
attempt to gain unauthorized access, use, modification or control of such
computer systems or networks.

(f) Post or transfer documents or materials that
contain any computer viruses or other destructive devices and codes that have
the effect of damaging, interfering with, intercepting or expropriating any
software or hardware system, data or personal information.

(g) Obtain by any means ETRADEPAKISTAN.COM member’s
username and/or password.

(h) Transfer the service of ETRADEPAKISTAN (including
but not limited to the member’s username and password) or relevant business
information obtained from ETRADEPAKISTAN.COM in any form.

  • reserves the right to terminate
    your Service, refuse your use of Service or refuse your accessing
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    without notice. When your use of the Service is charged, we’re entitled to
    doing so based on reasonable suspicion and notification by email, and not
    responsible for the consequences (including any loss or damage) of the actions
    by doing so.
  • You will not be able to (a) use the website or the
    Service, (b) post, provide, send or publish information on the website, (c)
    allow others to post, provide, send or publish information on the website on
    your behalf. Your registration information or any other information you
    provided will be deleted or discard. We reserve the right to pursue your legal
    responsibilities for your breach of law or Agreement.


ETRADEPAKISTAN adopts strict security policies. If any
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permanently banned from using ETRADEPAKISTAN.COM and its related services. In
addition information published by other members will not be available to those
members whose access to ETRADEPAKISTAN.COM has been terminated.

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    law, regulation or policy.

The interpretation and application of this Agreement,
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