The textile sector holds the most pivotal positions in the exports of Pakistan. The textile sector gives huge number of job opportunities in Pakistan and it has already one of the sectors in which maximum employment of Pakistan is engaged. Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile and clothing products in the whole Asia.

Moreover, it contributes a lot to the total GDP of Pakistan. According to the recent statistics regarding export and GPD generation percentage of Pakistan, it is concluded that the contribution of Pakistan’s textile industry to the total GDP is 8.5%. The textile sector of Pakistan is providing employment to about 15 million people, which makes about 30% of the country total employment and of about 49 million.

It would be surprising for us that the total annual volume of trading textile products is US$18 trillion all over the world which is on the increase at 2.5 percent. Out of this total annual volume, Pakistan’s share is less than one percent. Since Pakistan came into being, there is always a huge interest in the development of manufacturing sector. The production and industrialist sector has been given the highest priority. In the beginning era of Pakistan’s manufacturing industry the major stress on Agro-Based Industries. However, the rest of sectors also flourished after industrialization revolution in Pakistan.

The best thing about this region in the world is that nature has given it abundant of resources. As Pakistan is one of the leading producers of cotton in the world, the development of a Textile Industry is the critical need for Pakistan industrial and export products development. The textile development enables to make full use of its abundant resources of cotton which has been a priority area towards industrialization and export development of Pakistan.

Some of data which have been collected through the recent survey in textile sector of Pakistan depicts the following figures:
  • 1,221 ginning units,
  • 442 spinning units,
  • 124 large spinning units
  • 425 small units

In Pakistan, the textile industry consists of both types of industry which includes the large-scale organized sector and a highly fragmented cottage / small-scale sector.

The various sub sectors that are connected with the value chain of the textile:

Spinning, it is one of the vital part of any textile industry and most of the spinning departments operate in an planned manner with a proper management system and comprising of in-house weaving, dyeing and finishing facilities.

The processing sector, comprising dyeing, printing and finishing sub-sectors, only a small opart of it operates in a organized way the rest of this sub part of textile is operating in small and medium sized units. About 75% of this sector comprises small sized units. Pakistan’s textile hub is present in The Karachi– Lahore and Faisalabad due to availability of sufficient ladies labor is available. It is very interesting to know that Pakistan is the 4th largest producer and 3rd largest consumer of cotton worldwide

There is no doubt that the Textile and Clothing Industry of Pakistan will go on with to be a continuous and an important engine for future growth and development of the country’s economy; On the same side it should be kept in economy policy that there is no alternative industry or manufacturing sector that has such great potential to profit the country’s economy with foreign currency earnings and new job opportunities that are open on account of this sector. The textile sector could be flourished more if synergy is developed amongst different sub sectors and efforts should be made to aggressively grow the Readymade Clothing Sector in Pakistan

In the international market of clothing and textile Pakistan’s Textile Industry had proved its strength in global market during the last four decades and will continue to strive for its worth and position in the global market. There is no doubt that Pakistan’s Textile sector has proved its strength even in post quota era by not only maintaining its worth but, also showing enlargement of textile sector during 2005 to 2007. However, in the past few years, Pakistan has faced fall down and declined of $11.1 billion in 2008 due to financial and economic meltdown globally. The Garment Sector & especially the Knit Garment Sector need special focus in future textile policies of Pakistan so that it could flourish more by providing best services to the global market.

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