The Role of Exporting Leather Products in the Economy of Pakistan


After textile industry, leather industry (including a systemized chain of leather processing, manufacturing leather products, leather suppliers and leather wholesale dealers) is the second largest industry in Pakistan. Through its exports, leather industry plays a very major role in revenue generation and hence contributes largely in the economic development of Pakistan. Its share in GDP (gross domestic product) is almost 5%. It provides employment to over 0.5 million people. The major leather industries are established in Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala, Sialkot, and Multan.

Pakistan is a developing country, still it leads the world in the field of leather industry. A lot of animal hides and leather get wasted due to hot weather. Government is not playing its role necessary for the development of industry and has not introduced the steps that can ensure safety of animal skin after EID. Still, leather industry in Pakistan comes second when it comes to quality of leather production.

Pakistan imports raw leather from countries like China, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan. Pakistan exports premium quality leather products to Germany, Italy, USA, Russia, Japan and South Africa. The material obtained after the conversion of raw hides and skin of animals is called leather. Each hide is split into layers according to the products that are to be made from them like bags, jackets, belts, shoes etc.

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